octobre 24, 2011


The disguises and masks that one encounters in Michael Fliri’s works (to quote a few videos,Come Out and Play with Me, Nice and Nicely Done, Early One Morning with Time To Waste), represent the experience of living another character’s life and existence.

The artist’s intent is not that of hiding, but of opening options: by presenting characters who have no real definition or structure he helps maintain a fresh glance on reality. The concept of mask becoming face exploits the tactile qualities of the Technogel®: this material becomes a sort of second skin, which heavily hangs, fallen, transmitting the sense of touching human muscles. Metamorphosis, intended as a possibility of constant change, triggers profound reflections on the fact that one can continuously change identity and embody other characters.

The mask thus melts and mingles with identity, morphologically mirrored in a face that the artist has created and later distorted, starting from his own physiognomy only to create new ones.

Author: Michael Fliri
Title: To Praise Exaggeration (sculpture)
Year: 2010
Dimensions: 200cm high, 150cm large
Technique: poured Technogel®
Materials: Technogel®

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