mars 30, 2014

Technogel Sleeping On Lifetime TV Helps Women Improve Their Health And Enjoy The Rest!

Tune in to watch Mission Makeover of the Balancing Act® on Lifetime Television as the Technogel team helps 4 women in their journey to better health and wellness. 

Career-oriented and family-focused, modern women are juggling a lot of responsibilties. Making the most of every day is essential, which means they rely on waking up feeling well-rested and refreshed. Unfortunately, though, today's on-the-move woman tends to power through the day without taking a moment to herself. 

Sleep affects all aspects of your health and fitness including susceptibility to illness, stress and weight gain. Moreover, the relationship between sleep and these aspects of your wellness are interdependent: adequate sleep helps support greater immunity, improved mood, nutritious diet choices and weight management; likewise, maintaining an active, balanced lifestyle of fulfilling activities also promotes better sleep!

What's the difference between a good night’s rest and a bad one? How many hours of sleep are optimal? What if you havetrouble falling asleep or staying asleep? Brittany Colatella and Alvise Bertoncello from Technogel Sleeping offer tips for healthier sleep and talk about how the right mattress and pillow can make a difference in how well you feel during the day!

Technogel’s gel technology offers a unique balance between comfort and support. More importantly, scientific studies show that Technogel® helps you get more of the rejuvenating rest you need each night—and with better sleep you are better able to achieve your goals. 

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