mai 07, 2014

Technogel Adds Soothing Touch To Bedroom Furniture That Complements Mattress Unveils Latest Collaboration With Royal College Of Art At ICFF

Imagine some 30,000 people from 38 different countries converging for 3 days with one common aim. What purpose could be so powerful? Well, the trends and innovations in contemporary design are certainly an enticing force. And, of course, Technogel will be among the design world elite partaking in and promoting the cause at this global forum. The International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) is the industry’s cardinal convocation, which makes it the perfect venue to showcase Technogel’s latest collaboration at the intersection of art and design.

In 2012, Technogel challenged the Design Products Programme students at the world-renowned Royal College of Art in London (England) to explore and harness the unique qualities of the patented material to create something that is practical yet pioneering.  Most importantly, the outcome needed to express Technogel’s exclusive ethos: provide the ultimate in comfort to enrich people’s lives today and tomorrow.

Out of the hands-on experimentation by eleven students who pushed the boundaries of the gel’s dimensional and supportive properties emerged a catalog of enterprising and eye-opening works. Still, the ingenuity and versatility of one particular laptop bag made Juri Karinen stand out from the group and urged a second composition. The result of Karinen’s immersion in Technogel is a gel headboard that brilliantly blends form and function with the concept of comfort at its core--a balance we admire in designer brands

“I was instantly fascinated with Technogel’s cutting-edge gel technology and its treatment of it; in many existing products such a unique material is hidden from the senses,” says Juri Karinen. “This inspired me to explore and use the gel in a way that it could be touched and experienced, and fully express its wellness properties in its final application. The headboard design allowed me to capture and convey the qualities of the gel that initially drew me to it: visual transparency, flexibility, comfort, and endless opportunity.”

For those familiar with Technogel, you know that our 23 year history is brimming with partnerships with noteworthy designers, architects and artists from around the world who have embraced the innovative and aesthetic potential of our patented material. Furniture and fashion houses such as Humanscale, Prada and Vitra—to name a few—have used the gel in creations that exhilarate but also soothe us.

Aside from tables, jewelry, chairs, lamps and countless objects in our everyday lives that are made more beautiful and more comfortable with Technogel, this exquisitely translucent and moldable soft-solid is also revolutionizing the concept of restful sleep. Gel mattresses and pillows made with Technogel are supporting more rejuvenating nights for thousands of people, evenhelping those prone to sore backs or aching joints.

So look – and feel – around you. And don’t be surprised to find Technogel in places beyond your wildest dreams. And speaking of sleep, why not experience the relaxation of Technogel Sleeping for yourself? Stop by and visit Technogel at ICFF (space #1048) to discover cool, comfortable support that helps you sleep better. Who knows? Maybe you’ll wake up with fresh new ideas and a brighter outlook.

About ICFF

The 26th annual International Contemporary Furniture Fair, North America’s platform for global design, will map the newest frontier of what’s best and what’s next at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, May 17-20, 2014.

North America’s premier showcase for contemporary design, the ICFF annually lures those in determined pursuit of design’s timely truths and latest trends to an encyclopedic exhibition of up-to-the-moment offerings, as well as a series of fascinating, fun, edifying programs, and a packed schedule of exhibits and features.

Can't make it to the show? Enjoy a rest-test at a Technogel retailer near you!

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