octobre 26, 2011


Technogel’s experimentation and conceptual research is reflected in the collaboration with German artist Charlotte Mumm and realization of her Talpa be. The mole is made in lead – therefore extremely heavy compared to its small physical proportions – and it lies on a hill of Technogel®, which deforms under the mole’s weight.

A tiny animal who lives in a solitary reign and whose presence is only proven by little mounds of loose soil, evidence of an invisible underground world. The artist leaves us with an open question: is it a miniature mountain deformed by the mole or perhaps a heap where one can rest for a moment?

As for all of Mumm’s research, this work starts from a very personal imagery, which does not give rise to preconceived interpretations but opens up a new vision in the realm between figuration and abstraction and emphasizes its narrative quality. 

Author: Charlotte Mumm 
Title: Talpa Be 
Year: 2009 
Dimensions: mole ca 15x5x4cm, ca 1,6 kg 
hill 35cm high, 168cm round 
Technique: Technogel® in vacuum mold 
Materials: Technogel® and lead

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