octobre 26, 2011


Symbols of our times, used as raw material for their work, plastics constitute a difficult and controversial choice, yet exactly for this reason ideal to stress those environmental issues which the group deems vital.

Within this experimentation are the Penguins and the use of Technogel®.

Cracking Art Group finds a personal solution to the eternal struggle between natural and artificial by creating a special edition of their Penguins with the use of the gel’s technical qualities. By means of this evocative material they express in a conceptual shape their intention to change art history through a strong social and environmental commitment and the innovative use of different plastic materials.

Author: Cracking Art 
Title: Penguins 
Year: 2008 
Dimensions: 42cm high 
Technique: Technogel® in mold 
Materials: Technogel®

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