mai 30, 2014

Out With The Old, In With The New Technogel's Healthy Mattress Checklist

Are you in a bad relationship that’s unsupportive or has just gone on too long? You might be – if you’re still sleeping with your old mattress. Tired mattresses can cause lower back pain, poor sleep and chronic fatigue, among other health problems.

So how do you know when it’s time to kick your bedmate to the curb?

With Better Sleep Month and National Correct Posture Month just behind us (pun intended) – Technogel’s sleepologists are honoring your long-term wellbeing and encouraging you to use these tips to know when you can benefit from a new mattress, and to make sure you’re getting the good night’s sleep you deserve.

  1. You started sleeping together before Barney Stinson joined the gang
    Age doesn’t always matter in the bedroom, but in this case it does. And it can be one of the simplest ways to determine if it’s time for a new mattress. Durability of materials and proper care gives beds more staying power. Once it hits four or five years old, though, it’s good to start giving your mattress an annual physical. As long as the vital signs are healthy, it could last you eight to ten years. But if Neil Patrick Harris was better known as Doogie Howser when you bought your bed, then it’s due for a proper retirement.
  2. Laying on your bed feels out of this world… because its craters and dunes could rival the Martian landscape
    Your mattress should alleviate pressure and keep your spine aligned. To put it to the test, lie down and take your photo in each of your common sleep positions. Is your spine straight? Can you rollover easily? You can also use a string or measuring tape to check for sagging or lumps. Rotating your bed can be an effective, short-term remedy for body impressions, but ultimately a new mattress might be needed so you can put your head down at night and feel your spirits rise in the morning.
  3. Your back goes out more than you do    
    You deserve to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to make the most out of life, which requires quality sleep (even more than quantity). If you wake up feeling groggy, experience aches and pains, or prone to excessive napping, then your mattress might be to blame. Choose a mattress that isn't too firm or soft—one that conforms to your body without creating pressure points—for the ultimate in comfort and support. And if you experience any prolonged discomfort, talk to your doctor or sleeping professional.
  4. Your partner has a better relationship with the recliner
    Yep, we’re getting personal here. But your mattress and your sleep can affect your relationship. It’s worthwhile to agree on bedding and nighttime routines that help you feel relaxed together and avoid disrupting each other’s sleep. And remember, the cardinal rule for a healthy, happy sleep environment is to use your bed for sleep and sex only – no working, no watching TV and no lighted devices.
  5. You’ve been reminiscing to the sounds of David Bowie a lot recently
    Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Maybe you have a new partner. Maybe you’ve suffered an injury. Maybe you’ve just had a baby. Maybe you’re redecorating your bedroom. Time may change you, and it’s important to make sure your mattress keeps pace with your lifestyle.

So, now that you’ve considered these revealing signs, how did you do? If it’s sounding like you need to part with your long-time companion, take comfort in knowing that your bed can have a new life through recycling. Check out what options are available in your area at

For more tips on designing your sleep sanctuary, check out these 6 bedroom must-haves for better sleep. And if you’re ready to refresh and upgrade, stay tuned for Technogel sleepologist's mattress shopping pointers. 

Most importantly, though, take it easy on yourself and try to avoid an overly busy life. As Alice D. Domar, Ph.D., executive director of the Domar Center for Mind/Body Health says, “For most people, morning grumpiness is a symptom of our over-scheduled life, with too little sleep and not enough things that bring us joy on a day to day basis.”

Technogel wants to put more joy and less grumpiness in your life. Take a rest-test and talk to a sales associate about what mattress and pillow is best for you. To learn more and find a nearby retailer, visit

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