octobre 26, 2011


Six “alien” figures, linking hands on a circular base, connected through magnetic infrared proximity sensors, which – set inside the aliens’ chests – respond to the visitors’ embrace by sending a signal amplifier enhancing heartbeats through a low frequency diffuser.

When the viewer participates in the work by hugging the figures and welcoming them, the aliens’ eyes light up and their hearts start beating. When all six are hugged at once, the base lights up as well. Interaction with the audience thus materializes the concept of cosmic union to which the artist is so strongly devoted. Oneness, a project held in conjunction with the Public Art Fund’s installation of her Wave UFO project, is an allegory of connectedness, a representation of the disappearance of boundaries between the self and others. It is a symbol of the acceptance of otherness and a model for overcoming national and cultural borders. It also is a representation of the Buddhist concept of oneness, of the world existing as one interconnected organism. The material, chosen for its mechanical properties and aesthetics capable of suggesting images of an extraterrestrial world, becomes a necessary tool, functional to the making of the artwork.

Author: Mariko Mori Title: Oneness (Aliens) Year: 2003 Dimensions: 493x1134x528cm Technique: Technogel® in closed mold Materials: Technogel®, acrylics, aluminum

[Courtesy of Deitch Projects - Photos By Marco Della Torre]

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