janvier 16, 2012

MR. C HOTEL, BEVERLY HILLS AND TECHNOGEL SLEEPING Two Italian exclusive brands get together for the ultimate comfort experience

Thanks to Technogel mattress and pillows Mr. C Hotel offers the ultimate sleeping experience. Since 2012 Mr. C’s suites are equipped with the most exclusive Estasi Technogel mattresses.

The synergy between Mr.C and Technogel is the result of a shared passion for comfort and Italian style.

Mr. C Hotel , in Beverly Hills, CA, “represents a modern version of old-world simplicity, stylish European glamour, providing today’s traveler with a comfortable, elegant and effortless experience that blends contemporary amenities with discreet, personalized service.” (www.mrchotels.com).

Resting well matters. Either you travel for business or pleasure, finding the perfect environment to unwind after a long day is the only way to recharge your batteries and get ready for a new day. Mr. C believes in the importance of a good night’s sleep. Enjoy your stay in one of the Technogel featured suites at Mr. C Hotel and get access to the exclusive chiropractor therapy at the Technogel Experience Center, in Beverly Hills. More information at the Mr. C front desk.

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