janvier 08, 2015

Love Letter To A Pillow

I wasn’t at the top of the Empire State Building and it wasn’t Valentines Day. But I was in New York City and I was in love… with a pillow. 

Love Letter to a Pillow 
by Robin O'Bryant

I live in a very small town in Mississippi (a Starbucks is a quick two hour trip in any direction) so when I’m looking for something specific to purchase, if Walmart or the Dollar Tree don’t have it, I have to wait until I enter civilization to shop. And I had been shopping for the perfect pillow for almost a year. 

I woke up almost every night with neck pain and woke up in the morning with a headache. I needed support! But all of the “support” pillows were too firm and made my neck do Gumby-like tricks. I’d bought so many pillows, I could’ve used them to carpet my floors, and none of them were even close to what I needed. 

Then, when I was in New York for a work conference, you cannot fathom the joy I experienced as I rode the 14-1217_Love Letter-Empire Stateescalator down to the expo hall and saw Technogel’s booth. My eye went immediately to the Anatomic pillow and I all but wept. It was everything I had ever wanted in a pillow and it was right in front of me. I stood at the booth, lovingly caressing the pillow, hoping someone would come early to the booth. When no one came, I left a love letter…for a pillow. 

I went back to the booth later and met Technogel’s Marketing Manager. 

Me: Did you get my love note?

Her: *takes a step backwards* Oh. That was you?

Me: Yes. I have been looking for this pillow all my life.

Her: This pillow specifically?

Me: Not by brand. But y’all captured my dreams.

Her: *takes another step back* Have you laid on it?

(Did I forget to tell y’all that their whole booth was a bed? Because it was. A bed and two of the most amazing pillows you’ve ever laid your head upon.)

I belly flopped on the bed and cried. Just a little.

Me: I. Need. This. Pillow.

Her: I’ve got your info right?

She passed me her card. I kissed My Pillow goodnight and left.

I woke up at 4 that morning with a migraine building. I got out of the bed and took migraine medicine. My phone happened to be sitting right next to the bed. Which happened to be sitting right next to my stack of business cards. And Technogel's was right on top. I emailed her at 4am like a crazy psycho stalker:
“Hi. It was nice to meet you tonight. I am in love with that pillow. Up taking a migraine pill because my neck is killing me. Robin” 

When I got back to Mississippi, I received an email from the Marketing Manager telling me she was shipping me a pillow. I went ahead and bought one for my husband so I wouldn’t have to divorce him if he tried to take it from me. The pillow arrived on Tuesday, and on Wednesday I woke up without a headache or neck pain for the first time in months. 

This is what I love about this pillow (The Anatomic):

  • It’s contoured for side & back sleepers
  • The bottom is memory foam but not the crappy stuff the ones I’ve had before were made from— this one is made out of magic.
  • The top layer of the pillow is gel. Holy. Mother. I can’t even. Y’all. Y’all! Not only does it contour and cradle your head– the pillow stays cool all night long. I DON’T KNOW HOW! But it does. It stays so cool that they have a handy little winter case that comes all zipped up on them to keep your sweet little cheeks from getting too cold in the winter. Is that precious or what?

Once I had experienced the comfort of sleeping with Technogel— I became a full-on fanatic. I Tweeted, Facebooked and Instagramed my heart out. It was true love. 

I emailed the Marketing Manager and gushed about the pillow. It was a happy surprise to run into her at several conferences throughout the next year. Every time I saw her I’d say the same thing, “I really want to find a way to work with you!” We agreed to stay in touch and, for the next year or two, we batted emails back and forth trying to find the perfect way for me to come onboard as part of the Technogel team.

And finally, we found a place where I can express all of my thoughts and feelings about the importance of good quality sleep— HERE on this blog!

This Christmas, Santa (aka Brittany at Technogel) brought me an Estasi mattress and there aren’t enough words (in this blog post) to describe how life changing that mattress has been. (Seriously, I almost put my computer down to go take a nap because I can’t even think about my new bed without wanting to be in it!)

I’ll tell you more about the Estasi mattress in future posts because, as a Brand Ambassador for Technogel, I can’t wait to share more about the best pillows and mattresses money can buy! 

In the meantime, get a head start on the healthy New Year habits you've promised yourself you'd keep, and treat yourself to peaceful nights with the most comfortable pillow ever. Scurry over to a Technogel retailer near you or, when you're up with a stiff neck, shop from your bed at Amazon or Healthy Back online!  

14-0000_Robin OBryant 100sqAfter having three children in four years, Robin O'Bryant regards a good night's sleep as a most glorious and wonderful thing. She is also the New York Times best-selling author of Ketchup is a Vegetable and Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves, and blogs regularly at "Robin's Chicks." Robin truly deserves quality rest, and so do you! 

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