octobre 18, 2011

JELLY FISH PROJECT In collaboration with "Fondazione March"

Also in 2009, Technogel Art Project opened the door to Jelly Fish, a visiting artists research curated by fondazione march. Each year after careful selection, fondazione march gives an International artist the opportunity to produce an artwork by using the firm’s unique gel in his or her own creative process.

Jelly Fish, named after the translucent and flexible material, intends to investigate through artistic means the qualities of the Technogel®. However, the project most of all opens a dialogue between the artists’ creative thinking and the firm’s more structured and specialized planning thus creating a rich exchange of inspiration and technique.

The intent of fin ondazione march is to create, together with Technogel, occasions to meet artists and involve them in innovative projects that both contribute to research as well as provide new ideas for the future. Artists, on the other hand, have the possibility to work with professionals who grant full artistic freedom allowing for the best creation of their works of art. When Massimo Losio recounts his relationship with contemporary art, he speaks of a man-centered system of values and of a search for pureness. Why art? In his vision, art is closer to truth than design, which in its very nature is linked to function, utility and consequently market. For him art is where the making is an inner need of expression and where artists represent a place still capable of analytical skills and great utopias.
"Art in this company is an end in itself; artists’ authenticity highlights another existing and fundamental balance, the moral one", says Massimo Losio. Important is the encounter with art planning, which thinks outside the box and helps find that special something, unexpected and incredible, that lies inside the product. For example, in Seth Godin’s “Purple Cow”: both the artist and the entrepreneur start with an initial idea that grows through the experimentation of materials, mistakes and unforeseen accidents that they find on their path, by situations determined from the very characteristics of the material itself. It is the sense of chance, the idea that around the corner something may happen and change one’s life. Jelly Fish presents the company as a tool, capable of inspiring freedom of thought and bringing into play the human being as fundamental and essential resource.

Silvia Ferri de Lazara

President fondazione march

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