octobre 15, 2014

Empowered by Sleep Michelle King Robson Advocates For Women's Health

A recent study of Fortune 1000 companies showed that 96% of CEOs are men[1]—this is an extremely unbalanced statistic that is changing, though not quickly enough. Nevertheless, taking a step back and considering what’s beyond the title on the office door can cast a different light on what it means to be a CEO. If we begin to consider all of the roles that women fulfill day-to-day, then it stands to reason that X chromosomes dominate chief officerships.

As many admit, one of women’s greatest strengths is often also their greatest weakness: instinctual caretaking. Women’s attentiveness makes them extremely effective managers and, especially, executers. Yet, as chairwoman extraordinaire Michelle King Robson explains, “We advocate for everybody else, but we don’t do it for ourselves.” Michelle blames this habitual selflessness as one of the reasons she suffered from an unnecessary hysterectomy at the age of 42—but now it has been her driving force to empower women to advocate for themselves.

Robson is a true CEO, entrepreneur, wife, mother, and inspiration to more than 24 million women around the world who participate in the EmpowHER network that she founded. Working 20-hour days dedicated to helping women focus on taking care of themselves, Robson strives to lead by example. And when it comes to staying healthy, vivacious and mentally sharp, she makes quality sleep a priority. Because, unfortunately, Michelle understands first-hand how miserable it is when you cannot sleep: hot flashes and joint pain kept her up many nights and she was eventually diagnosed with insomnia.

As Michelle has combatted her health issues and become a thriving (and busy) advocate for women’s wellness, she has adopted many healthy habits to support better sleep. In December 2013 she met Technogel Founder and President, Massimo Losio who introduced her to the benefits of Technogel Sleeping. Michelle immediately jumped on the chance to incorporate Technogel into her lifestyle.  

After just six months sleeping on her Estasi+ mattress, Michelle is waking up feeling more fabulous than ever before: “I love how Technogel keeps me cool. Plus, I’m no longer suffering from back pain. The Technogel supports every inch of my body without being too soft or too firm. It feels like a cloud.”

Michelle emphasizes the importance of getting deep, quality sleep and not spending nights tossing and turning in bed. “Whenever I’m home I look forward to slipping on a great pair of pajamas and crawling into my Technogel bed—I am finally sleeping soundly through the night. And now I hate sleeping in other beds when I’m traveling.” 

When Robson first launched the EmpowHER network, she began with a dream to be able to reach at least 5 million women; a goal she quickly exceeded. So now, Michelle has her sights set even higher. Which is why she always designates time to tuck-in at the end of the day.

“We all have busy lives,” she says “but avoiding bed to try to get more done is futile because you are more productive after a good night’s rest. I know that the better I sleep, the more likely I am to make my dreams a reality—to be able to help every woman on this planet in some way.”

Read Michelle's 3 healthy sleeping habits she recommends every woman adopt, and join the EmpowHER community. 

[1] http://www.catalyst.org/knowledge/women-ceos-fortune-1000

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