octobre 18, 2011


Cracking Art Group is a group of 6 International artists – Renzo Nucara (Italy), Carlo Rizzetti (Belgium), Marco Veronese (Italy), Alex Angi (France), Kicco (Italy), William Sweetlowe (Belgium) – which was born in Milan in 1993 and consolidated that same year after the exhibition EPOCALE. The name "Cracking Art" derived from the English verb to crack = fissure, break, crash, snap, pop, collapse. For the artists of the group "Cracking is that process which transforms natural into artificial, organic into synthetic”. Their research expresses in involving performative actions, in which colored and oversize animals invade a variety of places, from those normally dedicated to art to those of the everyday life, from supermarkets to motorways.

Cracking Art Group has exhibited in Italy and all over Europe, among their most important shows are "Regeneration", Rome (2010), "Cracking Art Group et Marc Jacobs", Magasine Printemps, Paris (2009), "Animal Cracking Art" Chiostro del Bramante, Rome (2007) and two Venice Biennales (2007 and 2001).

Represented by:

Tornabuoni Arte, Florence Galleria Guy Pieters, Knokke-Heist

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