mars 28, 2014

Coach Values Sleep As Training Off The Court

Being a professional athlete means relying on your body to perform. As a coach, though, you not only need to keep up with the players but you must shepherd them to practice healthy habits during competition as well as days off.

And, when it comes to training, a good offense is just as important as a good defense. Tennis coach, Andrew Burgess recognizes that improving strength and agility goes hand-in-hand with preventing aches, pains and injuries. Working with world ranked (ITF) juniors, NCAA Division I (US) College, and professional (ATP/WTA) players requires Andrew to spend many hours on the courts and traveling to tournaments around the globe. Long days of clinics, international flights, and nights spent in hotel rooms inevitably take their toll on the body and mind.

Moving from country to country crammed in an airplane and arriving only one or two days before the match drives Andrew to explore and adopt any techniques that help him and his players sustain their dexterity and energy. “Staying connected to the athletic community, I discovered that Team Sky cyclists have been sleeping on Technogel throughout their training and while traveling to races. This prompted me to research the technology and benefits of Technogel Sleeping, and I was impressed.” Andrew soon after had his own Technogel pillows.

Within the first few weeks of toting his Technogel travel pillow and collar with him, Andrew noticed a difference: “Not only are they easy to pack and bring with me wherever I go, but they really offer excellent support while I’m sleeping in hotel rooms and to keep me comfortable during flights. I no longer suffer from a stiff neck—it’s perfect.”

Andrew emphasizes consistency as a key to success in professional tennis, which is exactly what he was looking for when it came to sleep. “Not only am I dealing with the differences between beds, but also the variation in climates as I switch from hot, summer to cold, winter weather in the matter of days. The cooling effect and way that Technogel helps maintain a comfortable temperature helps me feel fresh even when I’m catching some rest on the stuffy airplane.”

Most recently, Andrew has been especially focused on his work coaching Emilie Francati, who is among the top 100 junior tennis players in the world. On top of this, he is also an educator and mentor to other coaches as well as clubs and athletic associations. Needless to say, Andrew values the time he has to relax: “With my Technogel pillows, I am sleeping better and waking up feeling great. I am excited to be able to recommend and share the benefits of Technogel to my players and fellow coaches.”

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