juillet 03, 2014

Artist Robert Vargas On Fulfilling His Dreams Fostering Creativity And The Mattress As Canvas

Artist Robert Vargas is a dreamer. Like the rest of us in the Technogel community, he dreams of making the world a happier, more beautiful place. 

Vargas has dedicated his life to creating connections between artists, models and spectators through experiences of creative expression. Vargas is a celebrity, especially in his hometown of Los Angeles, for bringing fine art to the street: he paints outside on the sidewalks during Downtown’s monthly art walk and has created impressive public murals. He recently completed a large scale portrait on a building at the corner of 6th and Spring, which he painted--start to finish--in 10 days with the model alongside him on the scaffold. For Vargas, public art is a medium to connect with cities in a way that studio work and galleries do not; it is a collaboration between creators and viewers that ultimately transcends the individuals to "become a reference point...a meeting place." As he says, "[artists] have the ability to shape the way a city's history is written." And, Vargas is certainly composing his legacy in Los Angeles.   

Being an artist may not be the first that comes to mind when you think of physically demanding joVargas Webs, but it is one. Twelve or more hours a day, carefully controlling the strokes, standing or sitting in one position and concentrating on each detail to create a masterpiece for everyone to enjoy. All this requires quality rest to rejuvenate the mind, body and spirit. 

"While I'm sleeping, I sometimes find myself editing work that I've already began or designing work that I'm about to endeavor", Vargas says as he explains how his Technogel mattress is like a blank canvas for him. "Where I'm sleeping is hugely important to me not only physically, but also to create a space to foster that kind of creative energy. It's great to that, at the end of the day, I'm going back to Technogel--it really helps me get ready for the next day"  

When you're in Los Angeles, check out Robert Vargas' public artworks including the one at 7761 Melrose Avenue near Fairfax. Then stop by the Technogel Experience Center or Relax the Back West Hollywood to rest-test a Technogel mattress and pillows, and realize dreams of your own!   

Not near West Hollywood? Find a Technogel retailer near you! 

To learn more about Robert Vargas, visit VargasPresents.com and follow him on Instagram

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